Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a saw blade last?

There are too many variables to determine how long any single blade will last including type of blade, material cutting, type of machine, machine operator and feed rates.

What is the process that goes into sharpening a saw blade?

After a saw blade is left with us it is thoroughly cleaned and dialed to check for run out. If the blade is running true, we proceed to a visual inspection for missing or chipped teeth and bent shoulders etc. Now the blade is ready for sharpening and goes on two separate machines – one that grinds the face of the tooth and one that grinds the top.

Why do my bandsaws keep breaking? 93″ x 1/4″x.025 x 10TPI

  1. Check for worn guides, feed rate, band tension and make the necessary adjustments.
  2. Guide arms could be too far apart.
  3. Diameter of wheels too small-use thinner bands.
  4. Make sure new bands are broken in properly.
  5. Could be poor butt weld. If you not able to determine the problem, send in the band. We will check it and make some suggestions.

This is a common problem and is usually easy to fix.

Does your Co. sharpen High Carbon Stainless Steel scissors?

We are able to do most types of scissors. If our machine can support the style of scissor, we are able to sharpen them.

Who makes the best saw blades?

Who makes the best automobile or pizza? When it comes to saw blades, preference is always a variable. Things to look for in a high quality blade are:  

  • A high quality plate with expansion slots
  • A large enough carbide tip to get longevity
  • Proper side and top clearance
  • Finish grind should be close mirror

Do the shaper cutter heads you sell have a model where you can adjust the size of the tongue and groove?

We do manufacture a split goover stile and rail cutter set. It is a five piece set which lets you add and remove shim stock to control your tongue and groove width.

What are the advantages to diamond tooling?

Diamond tooling is generally a synthetic diamond compound called PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond). It has an advantage over carbide in its capability to run 50 – 100 times longer. This in turn offers less down time on tooling changes. PCD is reccommended for fully automated machines.