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Our staff strives to understand your specific requirements and approaches each task as a member of your team. With your input, we will find the best possible solution for your cutting job or sharpening needs. With years of experience, our customer service staff includes specialists in the blade and sharpening profiles of many different industries. We take pride in our customer service.

One of our most diverse industries, cabinetry and woodworking forces us to stay innovative. We make it a priority to be up-to-date with products and service techniques and to continue striving for efficiency in this market. We are constantly improving our equipment and training to give a flawless sharpening service.

Because of the strict deadlines in this industry, we provide timely and efficient service for our print industry clients. We hand hone all of our paper knives to give the strongest sharpest edge possible.

Whether it’s custom tooling or sharpening your blades, we have some of the best technicians available to service the construction industry.

We can service tooling used on aluminum, brass, copper and other non- ferrous materials. We also service and sell tooling for plastics, acrylics, serlins, PVC’s, ABS’s and other composites.

From band saws and cold cut blades to 18-foot shears, we have the equipment needed to service steel shop tooling of all sizes.

Creating straight, sharp edges for your ice resurfacing blades will maintain your reputation for a smooth ice surface.

ALL BLADES belongs to the Forest Industry Suppliers and Logging Association (FISLA), and takes part in Alberta Forestry Seminars.  We offer extensive experience servicing all kinds of blades in the forest industry and have expertise in hammering and tensioning saws. From custom tooling to precision sharpening, we can meet all of your forestry blade needs.

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